Ooh, a paper retracted for citation manipulation

So this is interesting. 

A lot of dubious behaviour happens around citation: people cite themselves, or friends, to bump up their H-index, and other deceptively numerical bibliometric tools for divining the quality of an academic. 

But here is a whole paper retracted, specifically for committing dodgy acts to manipulate citations. 

The quote from the journal itself is muscular:

Statement Regarding Two Cases of Citation Manipulation
It has been brought to the attention of The Scientific World Journal that two articles which were previously published in the journal (“A Showcase of Bench-to-Bedside Regenerative Medicine at the 2010 ASNTR” and “Regenerative Medicine for Neurological Disorders”) included a large number of references whose primary purpose was to manipulate the citation record. These articles have both been retracted on the basis that they violate The Scientific World Journal’s policy against citation manipulation, and the corresponding sanctions have been imposed against the authors of these articles.
The Editorial Board Member who was responsible for the evaluation of these articles does appear to have been involved in facilitating this citation manipulation, however neither the journal’s former publisher nor any of the other Editorial Board Members of the journal were found to have been involved in knowingly facilitating this citation manipulation. The Editor who handled these manuscripts is no longer a member of The Scientific World Journal’s Editorial Board, and the sanctions described in the journal’s policy against citation manipulation have been applied to him as well for his role in facilitating this citation manipulation.

Much more good commentary and background at RetractionWatch:


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